Departmental Structure


Store & Accounting

responsible for engaging with cash customers, handle customized acrylic products, arranging material shipment and reception, creating forms and invoices and processing accounting work. This is the frontline of the CHI HWA headquarters.

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consists of senior and experienced employees. In addition to order processing, all sales personnel are equipped with master level processing techniques to serve our broad customer base all the time. The service coverage includes Hsinchu Science Park, Hukou Industrial Park, Hsinchu City, Zhubei, Zhudong, Hukou and Miaoli.

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responsible specifically for output production, sign logo design and graphic design output to make customers' ideas and ingenuity come true. This department is also in charge of the latest UV digital printer in order to create quality works.

CHI HWA ADVERTISING: Design department
AP Acrylic precision machining

As the core of the plant, technicians of the department cut, machine, mold, bond, polish, assemble and inspect for shipment. This is one of the crucial parts of acrylic processing.

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CNC 3D engraving and milling machines from the famous US brand Multicam that support CAD/CAM software have been introduced. The machines are primarily used for form cutting, concave milling, 2D engraving, face milling and chamfering.



mainly responsible for carving texts and graphics edited with computer graphics tools on cutting sheets with a roller cutter. This is primarily applicable to signage, sign, engineering card and body text.

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mainly responsible for engraving texts and graphics edited with computer graphics tools on cutting sheets by heat cutting with a laser cutter. This is applicable to items of irregular shape, graphics or crystal words. The maximum cutting area is 90cm x 120cm of 1mm-20mm thick.

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mainly responsible for engraving texts and graphics edited with computer graphics tools using small CNC or laser engraving and milling machines. The engraved parts will then undergo processes of touch-up paint, scraping or polishing based on the requirements. This is mainly applicable to engraved nameplates, control panels, scale and sign.

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Acrylic molding

mainly responsible for the operation of electric ovens and hydraulic benches. This department produces the upper and lower molds based on the shape and form ordered by the customer. The produced molds will then be mounted on the hydraulic bench. Materials heated with the electric oven will be injected into the molds and the bench will start pressing. Once the acrylic is cured and molded, the operation is completed.

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Sheet cutting

responsible for automatic materials processing, by placing the materials on the workbench, according to the size set with the computer. The materials include acrylic, PVC, PC and PP sheets. At present, we have two automated sheet cutting machines and several conventional table saws in our plant.

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