Mr. Li, Kun-Ming is the founder of the CHI WHA ADVERTISING, CHI LUNG Acrylic Fabrication Co. and Hsinchu City Advertisement Engineering Association. Previous titles include chairman of the Hsinchu City Advertisement Engineering Association, president of the Success Lions Club, president of the Hsinchu Area Alumni Golf Association, consultant of the Hsinchu City Volunteer Police East Gate Branch etc.

Growing up in a farming family, Mr. Li started from scratch to become an entrepreneur who set up his own business. The hardship he endured along the way is beyond comprehension. However, no matter how successful his business is, he never forgets his humble beginnings as someone from a farming family.

"Be strict with yourself, be lenient with others" is the way he treats others all the time. His life can be best portrayed by the couplet of "hard practice, strict self-discipline" in his office all these years. As a Buddhist, he believes in karma and his virtues are deeply affected by the ancient proverb of "create no evil, cultivate all good." Whenever he knows anyone is in an emergency, he always lends a helping hand. He also makes monetary donations to charities anonymously or under others' names. This style of action before speaking has heavily influenced our employees. He always instructs employees to be credible, honest and moral in their actions. The lessons taught to employees are more often about their attitude towards life than their work.

Although the legacy and gifts that Mr. Li left behind are invisible; they are present in our hearts. The seed of charity he helped spread has flourished, enabling the big family in CHI HWA to become sustainable and pass on his teachings.