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Primary Acrylic Distributor in Hsinchu and Miaoli Region

CHI HWA became the primary distributor of CHIMEI's PMMA in the Hsinchu and Miaoli regions in 1995. We established the CHI LUNG acrylic firm to conduct the wholesale and distribution of acrylic, plastic sheet, cutting sheet and advertising materials. We expect to serve our broad customer base with reasonable pricing, extensive expertise and outstanding service.

Customized Acrylic Processing Service

We provide premium customized acrylic services from counseling, design, processing, assembling, packaging to shipment. Customers will enjoy our professional services and quality realized through a systematical structure.

Engineering Plastic Processing and Customization Services

Masters carry out computer cutting, CNC turning and milling, mechanical processing, thermoplastic molding, plastic welding and other processes on various engineering plastic materials, and then undergo manual assembly and quality control inspection, which are important links in plastic processing.

Main materials of engineering plastics: antistatic PVC / PVC / PP / PE / PC / POM / PEEK / PPS / ABS / Bakelite / Teflon

Contracting of Advertising Engineering

With more than 50 years of advertising engineering experiences, an engineering team of talents and comprehensive after-sales services, we have the expertise required for all kinds of professional advertising engineering in order to provide customers with plans and designs that meet their requirements. We hope that customers can get the most advertising and marketing benefits.

Advertisement Graphic Design Services

The service is specifically available to output production, sign logo design and graphic design output. At CHI HWA, we believe that every creative idea is worthy of realization in its own right. Whether it's a small wonder or a jaw-dropping idea, we can make customers' ideas and ingenuity come true.

Computerized Digital UV Direct Outputs

We have introduced the latest computerized digital UV printers that provide the advantages of CNC platform technology and the application technology of UV curable ink in resolutions of up to 1440dpi. This allows us to print out colored, white and translucent graphics. During post-production, varnish is used to create a smooth surface and protective coating of different gloss, providing customers with perfect and high quality products.