Process and Equipment

U.S. MULTICAM 3000 CNC 3D Engraving and Milling Machine

The MULTICAM CNC 3D engraving and milling machine is equipped with a well-designed all steel frame, a dynamic structural design to match the high-speed planer and a transverse beam capable of biaxial self-correction to provide precision and smooth cutting. In addition to the high frequency main shaft, a unique floating engraving device, a highly efficient ATC system, a high vacuum suction workbench and a professional clamp device are also installed to bring about stable mechanical performance and vibration- and dither-free cutting, producing smooth and glossy workpiece. The machine supports CAD/CAM software and provides an easy-to-learn-and-use portable control system.

Anderson CNC SELEXX Series Engraving and Milling Machine

The Anderson CNC SELEXX series has been praised by industries worldwide, such as aerospace, woodworking, plastic and composite material, as a highly efficient production machine. The combination of high quality components and rigid construction can meet the highest customer demands for technology and stable quality. The production efficiency can be increased to 90% thanks to the automatic feeder.

U.S. Xenetech 1325 Computerized Engraving and Milling Machine

Range 330 x 635 mm Speed 1900/sec.
Max. workpiece height: 254mm
The Xenetech 1325 CNC engraving and milling machine features full computerized controls, intuitive design and high precision cut. The super high speed of 524mm/s and super acceleration over extended period of operations make it the ideal high-tech, multi-functional education equipment for high school labs in addition to its broad application in the field of industrial production.

U.S. VISION 2448 Computerized Engraving and Milling Machine

Features: Working range 609mm X 1218mm Workpiece height up to 47mm
Braille dispensing system
Auto material surface detection switch High-speed Vision series tri-controller Red laser pointer simplify setup and preview Precision 0.025mm

GRAPHTEC FC8600 Series Cutting Plotter

Cutting range: 600, 750, 1000, 1300, 1600mmx50m
Cutting speed: 1485mm/s
The GRAPHTEC FC8600 is a gravity roller type computerized cutter suitable for a wide range of applications, including engineering marking, sheet and sticker.
The function of auto alignment correction allows it to carry out alignment cutting accurately for stickers with a printed side. The GRAPHTEC FC8600 cutting plotter supports CorelDraw & Illustrator software for direct output without the use of special art design software.
It also supports professional art design software, such as NEWAGE, Condor , Casmate and FlexiSign.

Computerized Digital UV Printer

The CoJet series computerized digital UV printer takes full advantage of existing CNC platform technology and the application technology of the UV curable ink, in conjunction with a resolution of up to 1440dpi, to print out color, white and translucent graphics.
Colorful digital images can be printed on MDF, wood boards, plastic, plastic aluminum sheets and tiles.
During post-production, varnish is used to create a smooth surface and protective coating of different gloss. Moreover, the RIP software that comes with the flat bed digital UV printer supports all major graphic file formats.

CYTEK GPS AG-NN Automatic Feeding Saw Machine

1. Standard daily volume of professional processing plant: 500-600 large sheet/day
2. Ideal for plant with the customization need of small volume, large variety
3. Power-saving machinery
4. The most sophisticated high performance rear feeding saw machine
5. Highly efficient vacuuming system
6. Precision linear slide
7. Floating feeding table
8. Adjustable cylinder to secure the face materials to avoid any damage.